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Frequently Asked Questions

How many pounds can I expect to lose in the first four weeks of the program? 
 Expect  8-12 pounds, men loose faster than women because they have more testosterone and lean muscle.

How much does the online weight loss program cost?

Online  Weight loss Program

$720 (12 weeks)

If your doctor or health care provider has diagnosed you as overweight or with obesity, speak with your health  insurance about  coverage for  Health coaching by a certified health coach

What happens after 12 weeks?
It is recommended that you continue with the intensive program for an additional 4 weeks before transition to  the HLC-242® Follow Up Maintenance.  You have the option of remaining in the intensive program after the 16th week until you request to transition to the follow up maintenance. 

What happens after I complete the first 16 weeks of the Intensive  program?
Transition to the HLC-242® Follow Up Maintenance coaching is optional yet strongly recommended 
Obesity is a chronic condition, stay in contact with your coach for long term support and best outcomes. 

How many meals will I eat each day?
3 main meals, breakfast lunch and dinner along with healthy snacks.
What type of diet is this?
  It's not a diet, it's a healthier lifestyle  
Will I still be able to eat bread, cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream?
Yes, in moderation
Will I still be able to drink soda, beer, wine and other alcohol?
Yes, in moderation
Will I have to join a gym?
No, however regular exercise is encouraged