Healthy Living Coach™                            

Coaching for a Lifestyle of Healthy Meals & Regular Exercise ™  

How the Healthy Living Coach program works

This is an online 12 week Intensive coaching program for weight loss. Upon completion, the Follow Up Maintenance 
 is available.
During the intensive program, coaching takes place online, 3 days each week.


An explanation of the  Healthy Living Coach™ Follow UP Maintenance is on the FAQ page

The approach used in this Coaching program is personalized for the individual. 

The factors leading to becoming overweight varies from person to person. 

The individual is assisted to make realistic short and long term goals.

The client is assisted to gain the skills to  become self reliant.

The coach uses therapeutic communication and motivational interviewing to foster a safe environment for the client.

To provide the best care, the coach collaborates with the client's primary care provider and other members of the client's  health care team. These members may include an endocrinologist, a psychologist, a registered dietician, or a Bariatric surgeon.


The clients receive coaching from a certified health coach-weight loss specialist.

The client receives  coaching on 3 days each week for 12 weeks, providing the support  to make lifestyle changes through behavior modification.

Clients will be guided to identify healthy food options within their resources. The  individual will be supported in their efforts to make healthier choices toward a  healthy lifestyle.

Clients will be guided to identify exercise activity they enjoy. The coach assigns measurable exercise activity to be done during the week. 

SMART goals  guide the individual  to exercise regularly each week in their journey to a healthy lifestyle.